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Membership is open to any woman age 18 and older who can prove a direct family tree connection to a person who aided in the American Revolution.  As our chapter's location is in an area which was previously Spanish Territory, we would like to highlight that contributions from Spain and her subjects in the Spanish Territory were made to the American Revolution's cause.




Monte Vista Chapter

National Society Daughters of the American Revolution

Monte Vista, Colorado


Monte Vista Chapter takes its name from the city which is located near the center of the historic San Luis Valley.  The name, figuratively "Vision of the Mountains," comes from the unobstructed vista of the sweeping San Juan range which forms the Continental Divide, and the Sangre de Cristo mountains which were named by the Conquistadores.  It was Spanish territory, then belonged to Mexico, then ceded to the United States after the War with Mexico, and is replete with little-known Spanish, Mexican and pioneer history and folklore.

The Chapter was organized October 23, 1914, by Mrs. Gertrude Robinson, Organizing Regent.  The charter was presented by Mrs. Winfield Scott Tarbell, State Regent.  Charter members were: Gertrude Robinson, Mary Isabel Bushinger, Sara Timmons Brady, Lois Pearl Burgett, Clella Merchant, Faye Gooding, Adeline Anderson, Lulu Akers, Mary Bushinger, Olive R. Gibbs, Marjorie Gilbreath, Clara Holt, Mary E. Rice, Ella Louise Smith, Susan Webster, Elizabeth Sylvester.

Zebulon Pike came here in 1807 to search for the Red River and the boundaries of the Louisiana Purchase.  After unbelievable hardships, he and his men came over the Sangre de Cristo range, skirted the Great Sand Dunes, and passed at the foot of his "Great White Mountain" (Mount Blanca) and reached the banks of the Rio Grande river.  He built a stockade with a moat and flew the stars and stripes above it.  Monte Vista Chapter erected a temporary marker on the site of the Pike Stockade on August 30, 1921, and helped gain the legislation which has made it Pikes Memorial Park.  The State Historical Society rebuilt the stockade to continue preservation of the historically significant structure.  At the time of the dedication of the first marker, a copy of Pikes Journal was presented to the chapter by Luther Norland.  He had acquired it from the estate of former Governor McIntyre of Colorado, upon whose land the site of the stockade was located.  This is the 1889 copy of the London edition of 1811.  Luther Norland and D.E. Newcomb, Sr., of La Jara, had succeeded in obtaining military recognition of the site in 1910, and getting the state to preserve the remains of the logs from destruction by floods.  Additional land was later bought for the park through the efforts of Senator John S. Shaforth and W. A. Braiden.

Items of note about our chapter:

  • Mrs. Euphemia Van Buskirk Aldrich, who was long a member of Monte Vista Chapter, was a Revolutionary real granddaughter.
  • Mary Isabel Bushinger Buckhard served as State Regent of Colorado DAR from 1923-1925.
  • Monte Vista Chapter was the only DAR chapter in the San Luis Valley until members from Del Norte in 1925, and Alamosa in 1927, withdrew as interest grew to the point of forming chapters in their own towns.  The Alamosa Chapter still thrives.
  • The Colorado DAR State Conference in 1947 was held in Monte Vista.  This chapter and five additional hostess chapters arranged a cordial welcome from the community.  Chamber of Commerce cards in store windows expressed greetings, the Rotary club invited all the members of the State Officers' Club to a dinner, an old stage coach, relic of the Old West, was displayed in a downtown street.  The entertainment programs featured stories told by pioneers who were invited guests at the banquet, and an elaborate Native American program.
  • The Monte Vista Chapter was instrumental in getting markers placed at the old Rock Creek Cemetery in 1954.
  • Our Chapter has participated in many civic activities over the years.  To name a few from history, they include giving a donation to start the Rio Grande County Museum in 1961, presented the American Flag to Bowen Community Hall in 1962, presented an American Flag to the Girl Scout Camp at Val Verde in 1964, made and installed a cabinet in the Rio Grande County Museum in 1965, sent five pre-1900 textbooks to the Sod School House at the Plains Conservation Center in 1970, and many more.
  • During the many years of our chapter's existence we have supported local students with the Good Citizen Award, placed Pledge of Allegiance posters in area schools during Constitution Week, and presented books to local libraries.  Members also are involved with the local veteran's center, with regular visits and donations.


The mission of the DAR is to promote historic preservation, education and patriotism.

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